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Creator ACDH, Ulrike Czeitschner, Barbara Krautgartner, Victoria Eisenheld
Short Description Exploring People and Monuments in Baedeker Guidebooks (1875-1914)
Start Date 01 12 2014
End Date 30 11 2016

Tools that are/will be used in this Project[edit]

Focusing on a rarely investigated genre, the project conceptualizes a semantic data model for investigating cultural discourses in historical travel guides.

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Has CreatorACDH +, Ulrike Czeitschner +, Barbara Krautgartner + and Victoria Eisenheld +
Has End Date30 November 2016 +
Has Short DescriptionExploring People and Monuments in Baedeker Guidebooks (1875-1914)
Has Start Date12 January 2014 +
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