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List of all Projects[edit]

Project Creator Description from to
DariahTeach ACDH
Maynooth University
Aarhus University's DIGHUMLAB
DH Training Materials January 2015 June 2017
DictObserver ACDH Collecting Information on Lexicographical Resources 2015
EN-global ACDH
Connecting Cultures by means of Plant Names 2015 2019
ExploreAT! ACDH exploring austria's culture through the language glass 2015 2019
Joseph Eckhel (1737-1798) and his numismatic network Bernhard Woytek
Daniela Williams
Daniel Schopper
Manuela Mayer
Scholarly correspondence of the Austrian numismatist Joseph Eckhel 1 January 2013 31 December 2015
Parthenos ACDH
Pooling Activities, Resources and Tools for Heritage E-research Networking, Optimization and Synergies 5 January 2015 30 April 2019
Vienna History Wiki KDZ Wiki about the history of Vienna, Austria 11 January 2014
travel!digital ACDH
Ulrike Czeitschner
Barbara Krautgartner
Victoria Eisenheld
Exploring People and Monuments in Baedeker Guidebooks (1875-1914) 12 January 2014 30 November 2016